Daily guidance

“Faith becomes a bridge between where I am and where I want to go”


Today has been Surreal

I have been walking the knifes edge between

There’s something otherworldly celebrating the birth of the energy that made you possible when they are no longer here

Like a parallel universe

A time of then, now yet eternal, linked in an unbreakable connection

Bridged by eternal love

It’s left me tired

Exhausted actually

Of loss

My cycle

My tears

My mother

The shifts occuring

When my mother died nothing was the same

In truth iit never will be again

This is what many are facing now as the old World slowly, let’s hope gracefully, transitions.

It’s the deep accepting space of trust and love now required that I feel and hold space for in my core as I continue to move forward

But I feel like I have aged!

A million lifetimes in twenty four hours

I knew last nights moon was an ending point like no other but this is palpable

Journeying with the Knight of Cups I feel my own vessel continually emptying in a necessary receptive way and am at peace with what is, knowing inside I will soon no longer be in the space of many as the cross-in becomes more evident on my own horizon

Shuffling the cards today, selecting from behind Ch’aska, star of Venus I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Aware of many everyday jobs I needed to do I heard “deal with the tasks at hand”

The card was Pueo, guardian of the Aumakua, underneath which sat Chakana.

Today know the inner shifts you feel result from you stepping into a higher state of consciousness in particular with regards to financial healing


The trust of all needs met that comes from connecting to our authentic self and belief in our ability to thrive on all levels

When we take these beautiful beliefs into the World rather than feed from fear we give freely of our Spirit, in all tasks, even the mundane!

We are being supported with any known and unknown Injustices, as much is seen beyond our visions

The ending has occurred, there is no going back, all control and judgements now can cease by remaining in our own heart truths.

May we all leave the past behind as we enter the fullness of the present and open to recieve the brightness of the future.

In right relations may we all cross with ease and grace

In deepest munay



A whole new world?


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