Daily guidance

“Everyday is a blessing”

Olivia Culpo

Trying to find a quote for today’s guidance, the above triggered me

It’s simplicity

It’s assumption

It’s truth

My mind argued, with what if situations, how can scenarios, and in each one I could hear and see my mother.

Crying tears of grattitude eating her favourite pudding in the hospice, knowing it was to be her last

She had nothing as a child

Struggled through her whole life

Her comfort and joy often coming from helping others

No matter what, even at the end when the cancer ate away at her in ways that still traumatise me, she would remain humble and grateful for everyday here.

I miss her


Because I am aware of the blessing of each moment, with and without her

She instilled this as second nature in all she met

There’s some interesting energies out there, necessary descents to climb higher with the Capricorn Full Moon

Today’s guidance stated originally with feeling happy

Despite my cycle fibro flare and torn knee from walking down a level yesterday!

Unrelated to my external environment, albeit helped by the Sun, CBD and my own healing practices, I felt happy.

In reality I still do

Even in the grief of what was

Remaining in my own energy, aligned with all my emotions, this brings about my own happiness

Contentment with what is

Followed by hope for what will be

A total experience of grattitude, not void of the journey, or solely focused on the ascent

Balanced, real, mind body Soul, elemental alignment

Something Atlanteans believed to be at the core of wellbeing

Shuffling their energies today, randomly selecting from behind Nature, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Feeling love, completion oneness and pure light flow throug me as I recieved my own Atlantean healing I became aware of this modality shinning out to all I meet and during the sessions I offer

The card was blessing, underneath which sat The High Priestess

Today pour your Divine energy into everything

Bless the water, the air, your food, all your relations

Remember ALL that is given out is returned, be mindful of your thoughts and deeds and ensure they contribute to the wellness of the naturall world

Honour your uniqueness, here you will truly harvest your abundance, of being you!

May we all use our power to light up the World

In deepest munay



What makes you, you?


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