Daily guidance

“I don’t like to gamble but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on its myself”



On all levels

I can’t wait for Leo season to be here

This watery emotional Cancerian period has been like treading… water and ice never been a fan!

Until then I am doing all I can to in-body my lion self, including journeying with the King of Wands

I’m going to need his energy today!

I have a cleaning job that is going to last longer than the sleep I’ve had, with a glare up and cycle lurking in the background

Not good odds

It also appears at present, that it may not be financially viable doing the little work I can


Physically, emotionally, spiritually it has done me and those I am “delivering” in so many ways a huge service

It’s that I hold in my hands as I currently debate which card to play now

Shuffling them this morning, guided by the dreams of Gaia I felt sad at the constant struggles my husband and i have encountered over the last decade, many unseen, as I randomly ironically selected from behind the Five of Pentacles

Picking two cards, knowing the later was what I now needed to look at, I turned over The Two of Cups before tuning into its unknown energy.

Reminding me of my husband and I, holding the second hidden image in my hand I felt such support and love from our one united Soul, surrounded by green light I heard “let there be healing”

The guidance was perception

Today avoid easy answers, you know the ones, that are similar, repetitive, safe

Think before you take any risks, what is the true cost of your decision for you and others around you

Be honest, accountable and responsible for any opportunities those taken and missed

Forgive and seek reconciliation with all involved, yourself included

May we all seek a perspective that increases awareness of any instilling doubts we have calling thier bluff for the effect they have on our own reality

In deepest munay



How can you hedge your bets?


May be an image of 1 person and text

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