Daily guidance

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resiliant”

Steve Maraboli

I think I’ve actually used this quote not that long ago!

Good advice sticks

There are certain words or deeds that can help us create magic from the, shall we say interesting ingredients we are often given!

My mum would always say “what’s the alternative” even up to the end, it was this that gave us all the Strength needed to transmute what was occuring

Transformation, the real magic of life, channeling of creation without the stories

Not silencing what is happening, or roaring it for all to agree

Taking what is infront of us and resorting a balance, a karmic return of and to all things by knowing our own sovereignty

Today I am journeying with the Queen of Wands!

She/I like life at present has been very unforgiving

In my own expansion

Energetically opening, pulling apart, Stretching

I have spent the morning coming up against many metaphorical brick walls

Rather than but my head against them, something to consider as we approach this Full Moon in Capricorn, I have found ways around them

New alternatives that ironically come from the one adjective of worth

Shuffling the Tarot, finally arriving at work just now, pausing in the calm essence I randomly selected from behind the Ten of Wands

Grateful for this space, even if at present it may be causing a few upheavals in my life, I felt calm, collected, true as I turned over The Magician, underneath which sat The Strength card

Today look at what you may be repeating

What’s the biggest emphasis underneath it

Where are you being asked to grow

May we all drop the energies that no longer serve us as we open to the magic waiting to come through by finding another, ironically stronger original way, around them.

In deepest munay



Ready to transform?


May be an image of text that says "TEN Metatron WANDS THE MACICIAN VII STRENCTH STRENCTH"

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