Daily guidance

“Once you have attained the point where your height and depth meet, you can look around at the very circumference of the Universe”


Not gonna lie the last twenty four hours have been intense

Working with the Wand Court cards straight after the Swords has been.. interesting

So much rising

Yet, provided I stick to a routine, in the words of Elton, I’m still standing!

A structure once born out of necessity has become a re-treat for me

A light from so much darkness

An opportunity for more relaxation, healing, insight, self care, time, more…. everything


Not only because of what I get, but how I flow

I make space

Within and around me for each day’s potential

Here I get to see the true worth of creation, including my own

This morning shuffling the Tarot, thinking about all the glorious sunrises I have ckeanse myself with, the music I hear as the World awakens, I randomly selected from behind The Source

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, aware the last few days has shifted so many views placed upon me in regard to my own fire, my eyes were drawn to an empty flower vase.

Knowing this is who I am, my own connection to Source,a hollow bone of a greater vision I turned over New Vision, the not so hanged Man

Today be at one with Source

Whatever that may be for you

Let this energy device your potential and take you there, through any highs or lows needed

There are many dimensions of life now available, see through them all and choose your own perspective

It’s important

You are valuable to the reality being created, in all its polarities

May we all embrace the hue-man ecosystem by allowing lifes colours to integrate through us

In deepest munay



Whats at the centre of the You-niverse?


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