Daily guidance

“Everything I do

I do it for you”

Bryan Adams

I’ve just got to work!

I never thought I would say that again

Having been to the gym, cleaned up, walked my dog, I am sat in the most gorgeous space

It has and continues to change

The energies aligning and settling

This morning the addition of plants figurines of Pachamama and additional stone people have really opened up the potential

Both in the room, those called to come, and the vibrations we will together work with to bring back the Magic of returning to one’s Salka

Our light




Something we often avoid from fear or rather forgetfulness

Shuffling the Tarot, feeling the wonderful vibes and support around me I randomly selected from behind the Medicine man.

Tuning into the unknown image, eyes drawn to the fear fighter spray I recieved such love and light as I heard “do not fear what you came here to do, do not fear yourself”

The card was The Sun

Today know why you do what you do

The energy behind it

Connect to this

Know this is you

Deliver your potential

May we all shine in the light we are knowing this remembrance is the only medicine truly needed

In deepest munay



Why do you do what you do?


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