Daily guidance

“Change the game, don’t let the game


Despite it being the 7.7.portal and intense energy leading up to it, I seem to have woken to a plateau


A chance to breath

To allow the shake up occuring to settle

So many plans and shifts

I pray we all take the opportunity to do the same


Re-set any intentions leading towards a brighter future, by being open to the wisdom now being offered

Taking time to observe not only what is occuring but what could happen as a result

To decide consciously, to move on and through this portal of potential

It’s all a choice.

Today I am meeting with a dear friend

One I haven’t seen in many years

I have known for some time the next few months will bring a return of tribal energy

Not necessarily who or how we might have imagined

To create this deeper connection and awareness of what is to come as a result, we need to do just that.

Go deeper

Try harder

Make the time

Expand our awareness

To be open to receiving what is needed to move forward

I’m working with the Queen of Swords Today.

Its isn’t a journey.

Fore warned I am open to the training occuring.

From Both this Archetype and Srius, my Spiritual sun.

To empower the alignment of my fullest light, by embodying it in all I do.

I felt this whilst shuffling the Tarot this morning.

My intention shifted from guidance shared to wisdom collected as I randomly selected from behind the Page of Coins.

Visualising a lock, a key, a portall on the back of the card as I tuned in without looking I noticed I had placed the “wrong” book in the box

I now had the legacy and gateway of the Divine Tarot within my grasp!

Visualising the Wheel in my hands, feeling balanced I heard “this is a game changer” as I turned over The Page of Swords

Underneath sat The Two of Cups and Justice

Today listen to the guidance available in all you share

What wisdom have you collected

Reflect this in all you do

Bring balance and alignment to who you are by realising what you offer

May this gateway open us all to our truest potential and the legacy we are here to create.

In deepest munay



What’s your legacy?


May be an image of 3 people and text

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