Daily guidance

“If we let go of guilt we will see innocence, however a guilt ridden person will only see evil. The basic rule is we focus on what we have repressed.”

David R Hawkins

Every morning

Without fail

My cat demands to be let out at 3 AM

As soon as she sees the light, she has to be in it

I can see the relevance leading up to the Lionsgate

That doesn’t mean I’m impressed!

I’m tired.

Fed up with the constant calling.

It’s left me quite cold towards her

Despite “being woke”, gifting me opportunities to do what I need.

For myself

This morning this included stretches, healing, and an emotional ending

On a deep energetic level

I hadn’t realised there was still a cellular vibration within me that held onto being a Midwife

I knew there was regret

Guilt for leaving

Wonder, and the possible safety net of returning if needed

But this morning I felt how deeply that left me torn

How it had affected the success and embodiment of where I currently was in my own “purpose”

Releasing with tears of many colours

Joy and rememberence


Fear and separation

Doubt and hope

I knew my role was to always carry my sisters, as my own celebrates her Earth

Shuffling the Tarot, feeling quite distant from everything around me, no longer resonating with the many vibrations occuring, I heard “what’s the rush” as I randomly selected from behind the Three of Swords, ice-olation

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I recieved “somethings got to give, what will you let go of” as I turned over The Sun Card, innocence.

Today give into that inner voice

Take the time to listen to the stories you are connecting to and sharing in and with others

Make sure you are carrying the next generation on your shoulders as your Ancestors do you, by answering the call, with Strength

May we all let go of anything that diminishes the light of who we are with ease and grace

In deepest munay



What will you carry forward?


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