Daily guidance

Music then is simply the result of the effects of love on rythmn and harmony”


The Sirius gateway has opened

The World continues to spin

Daily occurances are….occuring

But I feel a difference

The same way I felt in December 2012 when the Mayan calendar “ended”

Life continued

Yet it was never as it was before

In truth this happens continuously, we don’t need Full moons, planets in certain places or Portals for transformation and magic

But they often add a little something in the background

Today I couldn’t figure out what that was

I could sense dragons, Lyrans, Deep Egyptian connections rising for many to remember but none of this helped with guidance for tonight’s Soundbath at Tweedy Clothing

Working with the Ascended masters deck and Soundscape images I randomly selected from behind Sandalphon, enfolded in the music of the spheres.

Tuning into the two unknown card in my hand I heard “have peace with what you are here to do, we will guide you with the rest”

The images were Djwal Khul and sure enough a description card explaining how we will work together!

Today know it is enough to recognise a shift

We don’t always need to understand why something has changed

We don’t always have to be prepared for what is to come

How else can it be new to us?!

This weekend will see the transformation of many Cosmological and metaphysical teachings, may we all remember our ability to master these lessons with harmony and love.

In deepest munay



What has changed?


May be an image of 1 person and text

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