Weekly musings July 1st 2022

It is enough to do what works for us.

It is in fact essential!

It is time to figure out exactly what that is.

This week’s video (See below) highlights this option, totally randomly- the full reading is at the beginning, a short summary is at the end, divided.

Both versions of the same story.

Both valuable in their insights.

The biggest being what they share, the united guidance:

It is a week of completion

To look beyond previous choices

Extract the essence and move forward

Observe the web we are weaving.

Feed the seeds of existence we are handing down to future generations

Ensure their sustainability

See the bigger picture of what can be achieved

Allow our bodies to bridge the energies through our own now evolved DNA

Intervene our own delivery if necessary

Examine how we feel about in-bodying our potential

The energy this weekend is challenging, once we recognise any holes, repairs, healing needed in our own psyche clarity will come.

We are in a space of merging gateways, extreme potential and the opportunity to become what we create- a new version of Strength, not by doing the same thing but recognising endurance for the Soul growth rather than stagnation it has become.

Until next time

May we all embody where we currently are, knowing this validation is the monumental shift required to re-see-d our own future.

In deepest munay



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