Daily guidance

“Here is natural instinct and here is control.

You are to combine the two in harmony.

If you have one to the extreme, you will be very unscientific;

if you have another to the extreme, you become a mechanical man and no longer a human being.”

Bruce Lee

July already

Sometimes this year has felt so slow

At others so fast

Each dependant on the moment and my prescence within it

The last few decades for me have been a lesson in extreme balance



This time, I feel I may actually be getting there!

Able to do so much whilst in a meditative state!

Sure the scales still tip, but I restore equilibrium more easily

With awareness

Homeostasis, presence within my body


Beyond spirituality, psychic abilities, past every type of “clair” to a deeper language


In my physical form

That can only occur when I am a hollow bone

Minus judgement, views, opinions but also aware of the knowing from these experiences

The essence of something

It’s Soul

Not separate, merely light, dark,spiritual,ego, Masculine, Feminine

But complete

This is intuition

The way of the Seer, the Sage

The ability to see beyond what is visible

Today I start sharing this in another shop

From healing and restoring balance to reconnecting people back to thier own wisdom I will be offering my services at Hampshirecanna

Meditating on this, visualising Bruce Lee in my minds eye (as you do!) connecting to this incredible master, I shuffled The Tarot.

Selecting randomly from behind Justice, I tuned into the unknown card, knowing this was the last time I would work this way.

I no longer needed to close my eyes to see.

Asking for a collective message I recieved “have peace with the intuitive journey you have been on”

The card was The High Priestess

Today feel into all you have learned

Open your vision look within yourself

How much have you discovered walking the knifes edge

May we use this balance to restore Peace to our own shadow.

In deepest munay



What has walking the knife’s edge taught you?


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