Daily guidance

“Don’t ever let anyone steal your dreams”

Dexter Yager

That’s it really

Today’s whole message

Well it isn’t

I had written a whole piece

A journey

That had led me to it and then deleted it!

But does it matter


Can we be at peace with our own inner wild and allow the need to prove the worth of something through words, just be.

Lay down our Swords

Knowing we have fought for all we now have

Stop battling ourselves

Our worth

Through the eyes of the Great Mother

This New Moon will show us how if we listen, feel, nurture and hold space for all we wish to create

With that.

There is no going back.

Todays message was ” let your words speak of your actions”

In that I pray we remember our place here on the belly of Pachamama and let no action decieve us from this truth, ourselves included.

In deepest munay

In munay



Are you a dreamer?



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