Daily guidance

” Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing but to turn it into glory”

William Barclay

It’s one thing to talk a good talk

Another to put it into practice

I am only just doing the daily guidance

Because I have been living it!

For me that’s where the true magic occurs

All elements coming together

Thoughts, desires, emotions, physical reactions

Into the fifth element of manifestation

Guided by the Soul, Source, the Great Spirit within us all as a result of this mergence


Application of potential in everything we do until it becomes a way of life

Not a separate religion

A list done on full or new moon’s or when convenient or desperately needed

A structured, disciplined, belief.

A choice

That continues to grow, evolving our own awareness of all things, ourselves included

It is this that forms change


Today I have noticed a real expansive energy, not only within but what is being asked of me as a result

To go that extra mile

To go the distance

This will take a building of Strength on all levels for what is coming

My evolved self

For the first time I do not fear embodying this, my energy

I can hold space for myself and in turn others

It has been an integral part of my often uncomfortable, unwanted training!

Now with pride, humility and love for all the lessons, people, experiences that have held me, myself included, I am preparing to birth

On another level, whatever is asked

In this awareness, Shuffling the Tarot, for the collective message believing I had selected the same card as yesterday from ironically the Seven of Wands, I felt dissapointment

Going into this disillusioned emotion, I Turner over the Ace of Swords without connecting and knew with all my intuition to assume something was no different would only ever cause endurance.

This new Moon, reflect on everything that has occurred

Has there really been no change

Are you the same person

What choices can you make to alter your perspective and in turn the reality YOU create

May we see our journey for the strengthen-in it has been and here connect to our greatest potential

In munay



Whats new about you?


May be an image of text that says "SEVEN OF WANDS ACE OF SWORDS"

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