Daily guidance

“Give me the sun’s energy and the moon’s reflection and I will dance with the stars one day”


I can feel the new Moon in Cancer

I hadn’t even realised she was there

Yet I could feel her

I woke this morning missing my mum terribly

I’ve had no sleep

My body hurts

I’ve got six hours non stop cleaning today, with a potential migraine from computer work in the background

But that isn’t why I miss my beloved

I miss Eve Ward because of all I am achieving

I miss being able to share it

The jewellery making we planned to do together

The healing she was so interested in

The getting up and getting on she instilled, not only in me, but all she met

The hope, strength, courage

The love

In truth this morning, much like the moon, I missed what I could feel

I could sense my mum in everything I do

Beautiful as this was, today it became a reminder she is no longer physically here

Until, that was, I breathed

Closed my eyes

Felt, in Sacred space

Through the pain in my heart

Deep into its truth

The love

The ache

The rememberence

The calling

The answer

Here torn open, receiving this wisdom I saw my mum, with my nan, my gramps, my dad, my Mac and my Jessie.



As real as any thought, feeling or memory, deep within my cellular being

Here within me, I felt them and the true sense of loss.

The meaning of letting go

Through the eyes of Otorongo




The finality of separation and its Illusion

Resonating deeply with the knowledge I carry my Ancestors within me as they did I, in all I do, I didn’t miss the prescence of my mum.

I was in it!

Held in an infinite vibration

Whilst she watched and shared in what I am doing, with which came yet another layer of acceptance.

Drawn to a book by Silver Birch having this confirmed by a paragraph (see pictures) picked randomly, I shuffled The Medicine Wheel deck.

Hearing “choose what you know” as I ironically selected from behind wisdom keeper, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Aware of the truth of eternal love, of ever lasting light in a world of darkness, I asked for message

Receiving ” messages are different for all, it is what they do with it that counts” I turned over Sundancer

Today trust your knowing

Allow your perception to awaken with compassion from the endurances that have occurred

Lift up your heart, proud of any scars, for in this higher frequency there is no separation only oneness.

May we dance in the light of courage and hope this brings, and from here shine with the highest aspiration for all.

In deepest munay



Light wisdom


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