Daily guidance

“It doesn’t get easier you get stronger



What a morning


Unfortunately like yesterday I haven’t really had a chance to physically appreciate it as much as I would like

That being said I never was one to sit in the sun

It doesn’t stop me from making the most of it from glancing out the windows, listening to the birds sing, to the daily guidance in the garden.

The flow is strong

The current moving rather rapidly

So much is shifting beneath me and coming to an end that even I can feel a familiar insecurity rising

Have I done enough

In my home as I clean to stay ontop of the changes

My college work as I prepare to hand it in tonight

My posts and connections, to hold space for the growth available

Have I earnt the potential I can feel I am part of!

Underneath it all, my need for control

Writing a list of tasks for the day I handed them over to my higher self with trust and shuffled The Tarot.

Putting back the three of Swords and Pentacles, grateful for the individual message, I selected from behind the Queen of Swords

Feeling too busy, in a good way, to connect I felt the urge to get on with the list I had written, knowing I was deeply supported by my own Masculine as I turned over The Seven of Pentacles, beneath which sat the Star.

Today do what you feel

It will be different for us all

But always part of a greater vision

May we channel our growth, remembering the Strength gained within every creation that brought us to this moment

In deepest munay



Growing up?


May be an image of 2 people, outdoors and text

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