Daily guidance

“It is from failure most growth occurs”

Dee Hock

Well, share that quote and you can almost guarantee something will go wrong!

This is the second time I have posted todays guidance!

Having felt quite Smug about how much I had achieved this morning, all from failure, I had spent time reflecting on the journey.

The growth available from endurance

Deleteing the whole post “by accident”, I can’t help but smile at the irony.

It’s one thing to learn, another to heal, on the medicine Wheel it isn’t until the West,The Crone,Jaguar, Death that we ultimately move on.

With humble acknowledgement of this I will share today’s cards below, the guidance recieved was to “cultivate the medicine that works for you”

I invite you to reflect over the last six months

To look at the balanced wisdom gained and apply this failure to the your own growth in the next six months!

May we all connect to our own innate cycles, bring forth an older, wiser understanding of ourselves and each other and on the longest day resurrect this light for all to see.

In deepest munay





May be an image of text that says "rone Resur rection Resurrection ton Balance Earth Fire Courage"

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