Daily guidance

“Your Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again”

Joseph Campbell

I’m tired today

Yesterday’s cleans were hard going

I can feel the impact not only messages of gratitude from my clients, but within my aching body.

There seems to be an emphasis to keep going, to drive onwards yet not overdo things

To push through WITH balance


To stick to routines

Commit to ourselves with determination

Listen to our bodies

To prepare for the Solstice pivotal halfway, no return, movement available in July.

The 7.7 portal is a big one

We are crowning!

This time will dictate the individual emphasis needed for next year, to shift collectively

Until then we are asked to be present in the merging energies with humble grattitude for what we do have and have done to create a space, Sacred for what wishes to come through

Be that out home, work, relationships or body

The Vehicle that will carry us, our birthing environment, will be under the spotlight in the next six months.

There’s some cleaning to be done!

So anything that doesn’t support our deliverance will slowly fall away

Shuffling the Tarot, ironically randomly selecting from behind The Chariot, as I waited for my own mobile connection to return, I began to think of my own bigger picture

A space Sacred for me, with horses, gentility, freedom, connection to Pachamama as I tuned into the unknown image in my hands, I allowed myself this small indulgence

Seeing the Star archetype in my minds eye, rising my hands high, stretching my aching back from carrying flint in my backpack I recieved “be at peace with where you are, change is coming”

The card was the Knight of Pentacles

Today make this moment the deepest commitment to yourself

Allow this grounding to carry you forward

Call in your dreams in the zero point of now

May we all be supported in a space sacred enough to move with all shifts being born through us

In deepest munay





May be an image of book, rose and outdoors

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