Daily guidance

“No mud

No lotus”

Thich Nhat Hanh

I can feel it this morning!

The movement and shifts from so many changes

Including a 21 day awakened belly dance I am part of

Yesterday we spoke the rythmn of the throat

This morning I can hear its blocked beat within me

Raw, full, unable to swallow I am being with the opening of this centre of communication

My own dialect

My verbal connection here

Huascar, the Shamanic point of the shadow

Today, grateful for the reduced interaction, I have a day of clearing

Places of others

Providing a much needed Sacred space for them, their family and current journey

Somewhere to touch base


Call home

I will then on my return, with this Full Moon, build a sand painting to give thanks for the same.

With an elevated level of worth and focus from all I gained yesterday

A deep responsive communication with source.

Shuffling the Mary Magdelene Oracle, noticing objects on my medicine bundle had actually asked for all that occurred in the last twenty four hours, I avoided the urge to check my phone, for the messages of others before my own.

Randomly selecting from behind God, I tuned into the unknown card.

Placing it upon my throat as guided I recieved “let the blue lotus open within as your connection with the Divine blooms”

The image was illumination

Today unblock your creativity

Take a moment to listen to your own voice

Your own God self

Express how you feel to Source whatever or whomever that may be

Wait for the emotional response within

Let it heal and liberate you

May we allow our self expression to illuminate the mind and hearts of ourselves and each other.

From here may the beauty of creativity root in everything we are.

In deepest munay



What do you need?


May be an image of text

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