Daily guidance

” The eyes are the mirror image of the Soul”

Yiddish Proverb

I actually struggled with today’s guidance

Until I opened my eyes to the advice being reflected back to me

The reflection of my own intuition

A necessary grounding in what will be a busy week

Today I start working in one of four, soon to be five, new spaces!

Having intended a few weeks ago to earn a wage by my birthday in July!

The rest is HIS-story

My Masculine

Supported by my own intuition, my actions have taken me places I never dared dream of.

Beneath the wings of Apuchin, Eagle and condor, mover of Mountains in the East of new beginnings I am able to see from a higher perspective

Humility my focus

Yet even now, I feel shifts in these changes occuring!

Confirmed with yet another unplanned cycle (men-o-pause!) And a haircut this morning, something I only ever do with acknowledgment of deep movement in my connection to Source.

For me there is only one vibration that can help navigate the energies of this Sagittarius Full moon.

Spirit horse

The shamans drum

The ability to travel worlds

The wind horse of the collective mind

My beloved companion since birth and in many lifetimes

With my altar major and back aching from an entergetic “heavy load” I randomly shuffled the way of the horse and selected from behind Dharmas reflection

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I saw the Shaman, from another Tarot Deck, representing the Heirophant as I heard “walk with us we will show you the way”

Surrounded by horses, a “heard” in my minds eye I turned over intuition.

Yet I could make no sense of the message

Sure our relationships are mirrors

There can be projection and transference

I knew this, could feel the weight of it in my back

Until I looked into the horse’s eye

Something that brings me to my knees when working alongside them

Opening my heart beyond any reality, shame, guilt or low worth I have

The reflection of my shadow palpable

The light within it transformative.

It is this expansion I, we, are asked to ride forward alongside the Full Moon and Solstice.

The know-in of who we are reflected in all relationships and the intricacy of beauty within this

May we all recieve the inner sight required to dream the dreams we only dare dream of, held upon the wings of Pachamama’s vision.

In deepest munay



Need inner sight?


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