Weekly musings

Trigger warning!!!

This week, like the supermoon on Tuesday, will bring many things closer to home to be illuminated in their completion.

Whilst we may not be able to control “soul-ey” what happens to us we do have the choice in how we react which ultimately creates what happens as a result!

Decisions are to be made in preparation from now until July through necessary practical steps, as we collectively climb into the supreme beings we agreed to become.

We are being given an opportunity to prevent any dis-ease in the second half of the year by feeling or rather listening to the stories we tell ourselves and each other.

What are we “hear-in”really

June is a big month of preparation for July when we see many move on collectively, together, emerging into the communities they came from.

For now June asks what we have or rather want to give, for it is this that determines not only who we are and always have been but what is being asked of us by Pacha-mama.

Can we apply our lessons to life?

Not by observing or analysing the external but ourselves and ability to aim for what our heart desires.

The creative endeavours occurring are hidden potentials to think outside the box and bridge the ever present different realities, especially within the spiritual communities.

A week of third eye downloads, higher heart shifts and reconnection to our crown or Sovereign vision

Are we ready?

The heart demands an answer this week and a commitment in doing what we love by being in service to ourselves and desires of the soul.

The whole week sees us guided by the changes that have already occurred

There literally “aint no mountain high enough” for those ready to take the steps forward

We all have a choice in how we cope with change and this week we are asked to see the struggles for the starting points they are to trusting our own flow again and the incredible healing being offered in this completion.

May we all share in the grounded certainty available in these uncertain times by remembering the constant of change.

In deepest munay



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