Daily guidance

” Waste not, want not”

English Proverb

This morning I have been to a much needed retreat

My home

My routine

Meditations, stretches, healing all a result of hard times, bloody shit times actually!

Through which I have sifted my own skills and developed a much deeper connection to who I am including why I’m here.

Why we all are

To use what we have been given to create change individually and collectively.

To evolve!

Becoming homo-lumionous beings

This morning thinking of all the wonderful plans and ideas coming through with my offerings, I shuffled The Tarot.

Eyes drawn to the moon in a piece of art on my wall, randomly selecting from behind the Ace of Pentacles, I knew the unknown card was related to the Munayki.

The rites for the times to come

Tuning in without looking, scratching my nose I recieved ” you can’t just wiggle your nose with this one you have to do the work”

Face to face with a door, water gushing either side within it I saw a field of abundance, love, light and joy hearing “it’s all waiting for you on the other side of this” I turned over The Chariot.

Today feel into the upcoming supermoon in Saggitarius

Things are like her, closer than we realise.

Be aware of the ripple effect behind any of your choices.

Become more creative in your thinking and at one with repurposing

The World is a place of abundance, made up of initiations to connect us to this, use what you have discovered more efficiently.

May we all pay attention to the energy that creates change as well as the movement itself.

In deepest munay



What are you waiting for?


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