Daily guidance

” It is not your place to make them see the beauty, rather to become it so they remember it within themselves”

Isis channeling

Kirsty Dignam

A few years back I had almost given up

Aware of a hidden light reservoir within us all that had been forgotten I felt lost, like I didn’t belong, separate from the World around me

I felt alone



Relieved yet saddened at phrases that suggest I be in this World but not of it, not take things personally, or get affected by what was occuring

Much as this felt easier, for my own journey something felt off

Surrendering one day, having built a crystal grid in the ocean, confused by the beauty I felt and the external forgetfulness,I recieved the above download from Isis.

Everything made sense

To be aware

To feel

To open

To heal

To re birth the beauty of my own soul on another level

To help others do the same

To walk the medicine Wheel in every moment as my daily life

Fast forward several years and again I do not feel of this world

But of them all

Different timeliness, potentials, energies

Stories beyond stories

So many possibilities within a void of nothing yet everything

I have never felt more grounded in my own expanded reality

I am slowly agreeing to accept the Soul Midwife and Shaman I always have been!

Held within a womb of a womb

A space within a space

A viracocha

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, looking at pink flowers blooming, I heard “soon they will all come together” as I recieved a message from a friend I haven’t seen in some time and selected from behind Pacha Karmaq, nourishment for the Soul.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands the wind blowing, temperature shifting I heard “the winds of change, carry this forward”

Visualising the Fool in my minds eye, the Heyoka, Sacred Clown lineage that ran through me, knowing the moment I picked up the card I would be agreeing to a contract, I saw myself in a violet cloak like the Hermit waking forward with my light

Asking for a collective message I recieved “There’s more to come” as I turned over Viracocha, honour the light.

Today give yourself permission to recieve your own light.

Become your own beauty way

Only then will we satiate the World’s hungry ghosts

May we all explore and express the light in ways that remind others to seek it within

In munay



What are you hungry for?


May be an image of outdoors

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