Daily guidance

“Workin’ hard to get my fill

Everybody wants a thrill

Payin’ anything to roll the dice

Just one more time”


I woke to this Uni-verse literally guiding me to keep going

Don’t stop believing, ringing from my alarm.

Ensuring I was back

In my necessary routine

My own flow

With my home now settled after an incredible three day workshop my body is recalibrating

Meaning I have a day of balance ahead of me

Study for another holistic service, advertising for the current ones I offer, reflection, and the healing needed from applying all I am to what I do

A way of life

The bridge, chakana, of my existence.

Having opened Sacred space, stretched, connected to the sun in my own Shamanic ceremony, I shuffled my new Earth Warrior Oracle cards.

A gift to myself

Their energy resonating so much with my own

Musing on how they all “stuck together” as is always the case when something is new, I selected the card that fell out, freeing itself for attention, from behind the Chakana and Wolf heart.

Tuning into the unknown image I began to think about offerings.

To give and bring in more

Including Game changer sessions as I recieved “if you want to change the game play the one in front of you!”

The card was Ch’aska Star of Venus

We can’t return to what was, including old patterns, in reality once aware of them.

Allow this to now light your path, for your body to catch up.

As the deconstructed ideas fall apart within you watch then reform into new potential

It is time to liberate ourselves of poverty consciousness so the Universe can work freely through us.

It is needed

It will take a strong heart, community spirit and a new way of being together.

But we are being asked to “be the ones we have been looking for”

By simply focusing on what brings you joy, purpose and devotion and giving of this, our spirit, freely everyday in every way.

May the Soul currency of our authentic self, support all to flourish, inspire and awaken to their truest path.

Themselves, the energy asked for by our Earth mother.

Knowing this is and always has been the abundance we all seek, reflecting this truth back to Pachamama in our accepting actions.

In deepest munay



Have you stopped believing?


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