Daily guidance

“Even the smallest one can change the World”

Peter Rabbit

There seems to be a pattern occuring

Guided by the Rabbit totem

Yesterday joy, illusions, time

Today flow and creativity

In order to multiply the abundance available to us all right now

It’s quite manic to be fair

I have a lot to catch up with before next week

Including preparing myself

I can only flow as well as my body allows

This takes regular limpia, or spiritual cleansing

Which for the most part is my daily practice

Be it my home, myself, my manifestations

Like anything upon our medicine Wheel, this reciprocity contains great lessons and structure within what often feels like organised chaos


For me today I have reached a physical turning point with this, my connection.

Walking with Otorongo, mother sister jaguar, I feel I am in the West

Tracking so many patterns within my own creativity, Shedding several imbalances, with the awareness of several trying to repeat themselves, there is one thing left to do


Decide I have discovered enough to apply my own teachings to and for myself

Recieve the vibration I wish to feel within me

Step into the necessary physical mediumship required

Shuffling the Tarot, selecting the card that had folded in on itself from behind the Five of Pentacles, I tuned into the unknown image

Aware my cat would soon be calling, the washing machine finishing, my own to do list expanding, I stopped

My racing mind, the inner conflict, the urge to rush what I needed to recieve

Deciding not to put the needs or rather distractions of others before my own, once and for all, I visualised a feathered staff land upon a mound within what I knew had been a past life battleground

The card was the Ten of Pentacles

Today track between your human demands and Soul expansion find the middle ground.

The knifes edge

Use your physical body as a point of reference

Decide how you wish to be remembered

Extend your blessings into the wider community even the gifts often hidden from judgement

May we all focus on what we do have and keep these resources, ourselves and each other healthy.

In deepest munay



What gifts are you hidding?


May be an image of text that says "9 Five Pn of Pentacles Ten of Pentacles NAWANE"

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