Monday’s musings 5th June 2022

No I’m not confused!

No more than ususal!

I haven’t jumped forward a day ( although the timelines are interesting this week!)

I am trusting Divine Timing and sharing Monday’s video today on sunday!

Prior to the 6.6.6 portal

We are being asked to get started, to take the first step and realise each moment is a chance to move forward, it is in not doing so our own “lack” and judgement mentality increases.

Can we trust timing in regard to planning and filter out any unnecessary background noise, our own included!

This week we are advised to watch out for any shadow Heyoka energy, the trickster, Devil vibration of our own restrictions in particular when considering how we communicate with receptivity, or the Feminine aspect of creativity.

We are being gifted an oppurtunity to reflect on our intentions with the large potential magic available this month:

Have they changed

Do we trust them and ourselves to deliver them

How well are we nurturing the seeds of conception within, and ourselves as their guardian

How do our expectations affect our Soul’s birth

Are we ready to believe in our ability to balance and hold space for co creation of this alongside Pachamama

There is great humility available for those who can recognise themselves as both student and teacher of a far greater change and vision, by creating in each moment through our actions.

Have we learnt from our own experienece that we are and always have been enough are we ready to apply this in all we do.

The Feminine has no heirachy

Can we see ourselves and each other through the eyes of the mother and our intentions for the blueprint they actually are, the DNA fabric of our own path here and the legacy we leave behind.

If ever there was a week to find out it is this one!

May we all reconnect to the understanding of Sacred Union with an open mind, light heart and the deeper rememberence of who we are in the service we provide.

In deepest munay



Video/meditation mentioned can be found here:

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