Daily guidance

“Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed”


I woke late today


Held in the void

In a deep connection with my husband

One that, despite being fourteen of the hardest years of my life, has become deeper as the journey continues

The ultimate path of Intimacy

In to me I see

Hasn’t and rarely is easy

Something that may very well be highlighted withSaturn going retrograde as of today

Relationships, restrictions, especially those with ourselves and our own Divine connection

I have had a life of gaslighting bypassing, abuse, from myself included, with more triggers and wounds than I can begin to visualise

But I wouldn’t change a thing

I have also had the opportunity to grow

In my own connection, to who I am, thanks to those around me

I am so grateful for the Souls in my life

From family, partners, animals through to disease, struggles and pain

They show me far more than I could ever see alone

It is this coloured perception, for me, that makes us hue-man

There is no black and white in my World

Not anymore

More a bridge of densities born from the rainbow serpant within me that gifts an intuitive insight to the potential magic of creation

The beauty way




Minus binding views, judgements and limited beliefs or ideals

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, having finally found a birthing creation meditation I recorded some time back in preparation for the upcoming womb workshop, I found myself in this healing peace of no-thing

The Feminine, Cosmic womb space

Selecting from behind the Two of Swords, tuning into the unknown image in my hands I felt the deeper need to sense what I could see with my own energy

Intuitive wisdom

In the prescence of Thoth, an Ibis figure, my own energy began to vibrate intensley

I had once feared this


Done and allowed all I could to hold back ny salka, undomesticated self.

Visualising white flowers opening, as my own body became completely empty, hollowed out to channel what I would be asked to hold space for, I saw Isis

I was held, it didn’t matter if I knew what I held in return.

In this, her myself, I felt great trust.

Asking for a collective message I saw the Six of Swords, across the river styx, in my mind and recieved “steer your own boat”

The card was the Page of Coins, underneath which sat The Moon guided by Thoth!

Today connect to what is being reflected back to you

Find the wisdom and magic within the Feminine emotions you may experience

From now until the Full Moon may we all navigate a deeper inner sight of own place here

In deepest munay



What direction are you taking?


May be an image of 1 person and text that says "t Moon Swords Page of Goins"

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