Daily guidance

“Someone’s got to break the glass ceiling, and once it’s broken everybody else comes clamouring up behind”

Helen Clark

Despite so many things not going to plan today I feel light.

Humoured, not with external circumstances but myself.

I have so much to do over the next few days, but can’t actually physically start them yet

So I trust, micromanage, remain present in the transition and hold space

Like I always have

For new life to be delivered

The blessings within uncertainty

There have been many this month

For me this includes another possible workspace, making four different birth environments!

Sacred spaces to do what I do best

Facilitate change

Deliver potential

I’m no different from any one person in the workspace and community I share.

All helping to create a greater future through their collective ethos

Healing, plant medicine, connection, spirituality, fitness, sustainability

A healthier future for all, our children’s children.

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, feeling incredibly blessed and lifted in this connection, I randomly selected from behind Temperance

The Midwife

Falling back in love with her image, my image, as I observed in this picture she floated rather than dipped her toe, I couldn’t help but notice the glass ceiling.

The light behind it

If only she could rise higher

Tuning into the unknown card in my hand, sensing my own growth, and the pride of my Ancestors, I saw seahorses, crabs and water.

Placing the card on my heart as guided, two hands flowed water into this space within my minds eye, as I drew energy up from the belly of Pachamama to meet it.

Asking for a message I recieved “you don’t need to keep your energy down to stay connected, let her energy rise up to you”

The image was the Two of Cups, the light shining through the ceiling..The Chariot.

Today connect to the uncertainty in your life for what it is

A chance to deliver an alternative future

May we all “rise up” to this challenge by allowing our own Souls potential to finally be delivered

In deepest munay



What future are you creating?


May be an image of text

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