Monday’s musings 30th May 2022

This week with the new moon in Gemini we are being asked to stop and take stock at what is really being reflected back to us.

To delve a little deeper and remove any unnecessary layers in order to find a more sustainable long-term solution

It is time to LIGHT-IN-UP!!!

In regard to how we relate to all aspects of ourselves, each other and life itself!

We are nothing but atoms within a vast molecular soup!

Can we look at the form and vibration we are choosing to remain in

Emphasis on choice!

How and why are we supressing ourselves

This is a week of Soul retrievals, the “peace” we are searching for comes from within the deepest level of acceptance

By looking at the secondary gains to staying in the scenarios we are in we can become honest with our own perceptions, hopes, visions and ultimate fears behind them.

The 6.6.6 portal energy is building

The Heyoka vibration is transforming within us all

We have been shook up from the Scorpio eclipse and with the end of Mercury retrograde soon upon us we are being gifted a chance to regain our humour behind the “point” of any sting in our individual and collective tales.

If we utilise the four S’s:





We will see a time of completion and united manifestation supported by the solstice energies into the second half of the year.

Can we get a grip or handle on our lives and shadows this week in order to actually know what our personal response-ability is

Prescence is key

Fact finding is relevant

Satisfaction is necessary

If we can act on our physical intuitive guidance minus expectations from control and rejection wounds, we can move on from lack to the abundance being currently promised on a collective Soul level.

The Soul’s needs have evolved and with variety being the spice of life it is time to look at the energies we are and continue to digest.

If we want new, it is up to us to create it, by understanding something clearly at last in our journey.

Are we ready, really to open our hearts to the whole source of who we are and become Divine protectors of our own virginity?!

Intention is paramount alongside recognition of growth through Sacred rites of passage in order to avoid mental, abusive, traumatic repetition not only for ourselves and each other but the future generations.

May we all find our Divine essence within the middle ground of what was and will come in the needed tangible results of our physical place here on the belly of Pachamama.

In deepest munay



Sprays mentioned are beloved joseph and can be found at

Workshops discussed are womb wisdom and despacho which can be found on my Facebook page or by contacting me at

Along with booking for the Solstice sound bath

The “fire within” sun meditation can be found here:

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