Daily guidance

All know the way but few actually walk it”


Happy new moon in Gemini!

There seems to be collectively a more shadow aspect of how we relate coming to the surface with this lunation.

On a deeper, more embodied level.

It’s one thing to talk the talk right?

This week there appears to be a requirement to delve deeper into our own re-flexion.

To strengthen our spiritual muscles in regards to compassion not only for ourselves but ultimately each other.


Whether we need to re-late.

Have things gone beyond the point of no return?

This week gives us an opportunity to look into this further.

There is no denying, there is huge potential for change, Supported by the upcoming solstice energy.

But ultimately this journey starts with ourselves.

Expressing our needs, with the ever increasing vulnerability of knowing that it is our responsibility not only to address them but obtain them.

Balancing the more shadow knee-jerk trauma that can arise from being seen naked in our own truth.

Minus the urge to withdraw from the situation completely, for fear of rejection.

This Week there is much-needed closure in regards to what we have been holding court for

Shuffling the tarot this morning, feeling unusually grown up in my own ability to witness, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself and my own limited image as I randomly selected from behind the eight of swords.

Tuning into the unknown card in my hands, I heard “what do you need to keep taking this energy forward now” as I saw myself write a list and burn it.

The card was the eight of cups, underneath which sat the nine of wands reversed.

Today, don’t defend the trauma.

Let go of the unnecessary suffering, By recognising it as part of your path.

Release your own egoic view of a world desperately trying to move forward.

May we all utilise this new moon energy to walk our talk towards far brighter horizon.

In munay


What do you need to look at?


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