Daily guidance

Boredom comes from thinking this moment isn’t enough”

James Pierce

I had the most glorious intended lie in this morning

With my husband

In the moment before our World awakened, the bills arrived, the chores began

I have spent all week so very busy that this morning I could happily lay there

There is much for me to do today but with that moment of stillness, it all feels, or rather I feel, more able

We might be moving again!

Having settled and accepted, surrendered, made do and focused our energy elsewhere

The seeds planted have grown with out our interference

This does bring me some sadness

I love our little home

Especially the memories,those I have lost, the struggles and strengths, the growth and connections

I have discovered so much about myself here and healed greatly yet I also feel the presence of something new on the horizon

Shuffling the Tarot in this deep space of gratitude, I could feel the fire in my belly beginning to prepare for something that was yet to happen

To get ready, to make safe the next move, to control from fear, as I randomly selected from behind the Three of Swords

Tuning in the unknown image in my hands I watched my little robin friend keep returning, collecting items, ensuring he hadnt forgotten anything

Feel intense pain my own sacral as it untwisted, watching the robin on the tree, there was no message for me in the card

Mesmerised only by what was occurring in front of me I received “there’s nothing for you here anymore”

The image was the Four of cups, beneath which sat the Six of Swords

Today give yourself the biggest gift you can

This moment

Let it, you, and all you share it with have the permission of being enough

See how quickly things move forward from that space

May we all hold this vision with our open hearts and allow this to navigate our mindsets

In deepest munay



Is it enough?


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