Daily guidance

“I think it’s brave that you get up in the morning even if your soul is weary and your bones ache for a rest.

I think it’s brave that you keep on living even though you don’t know how to anymore.

I think it’s brave that you push away the waves everyday and you decide to fight again

I know there are days when you feel like giving up but I think it’s brave that you never do”

Lana Rafaela

I didn’t have a choice

Well that’s not true I could have ignored the needs of others and stayed asleep

But this morning I decided to get up at 4.44 to let my cat out

Her cries pulled at my heart, albeit in an exhausted manner

But it has left me more time to be and flow with my to do list

Firstly mediation and daily guidance

Today whilst shuffling the Tatot, I thought about the Solstice sound bath I am offering

A much needed chance to rebalance and show ourselves and others some compassion, as I randomly selected from behind the four of Swords

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, I felt a deep stillness wash over me

My busy mind pausing

Receiving “let it clear” I rested, relaxed and in that moment healed

Asking for a message I heard “ be with it” as I turned over the King of Cups

I know this week has been frustrating for many collectively

Longings to be further along than we are

To be more understanding, compassionate, “evolved”

Healing is an individual Sacred process

It takes the time it needs

Please be mindful of what changes people have gone through over the last few years

Be with this, with yourself.

May we all recognise to hold space is the response-ability of us all

In deepest munay



How can you make it easier on yourself?


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