Daily guidance

Where there is change there is happiness”

Anamika Mishra

What a morning

I have been bombarded by a variety of opinions and moods

All related to sharing energy, and what I am prepared to digest

There is change there

Sure still some old reactions

But they are lighter somehow

I can see them and with gratitude move on

The shadow, my shadow, is visible

It’s quite a fun process to be honest, all the time I keep it, or rather me, light

I also seem to have the support of my inner child

Which is immense

Because I am giving my salka, my undomesticated wild self, what is needed




Moving on from old mental patterns

Today, walking my wolfhound I felt these messages from Pachamama

The blue grit box, the yellow arrows and flowers, the numerous wheels, the “law” of the land and the violet transformation currently available

Shuffling the Tarot, randomly selecting from behind the six of Swords, knowing it is so important to observe our own thoughts right now, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Eyes drawn to the flower of the Fool card, seeing an empty vase in my windowsill I heard “fill yourself up with thing’s you love it will help moving forward easier”

The card was The Sun, Underneath which sat the Wheel of Fortune.

Today have conviction in the communication you receive.

From your own inner wild.

Know it is this that will move you forward.

May we all recognise the changes that have and are longing to occur upon our path and become marshals for this transformation

In deepest munay



What brings you joy?



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