Monday’s musings 23rd May 2022

Whats the vibration behind our creations?

This is a week of sharing ( I make no apologies for my unusual “plug-ins” throughout this video as I, like us all this month, connect to what I offer and as a result who I am and what I need to receive to do so) so we are able to recognise what may be standing in the way of our ability to create.

We are being asked to get out of our own way

All services mentioned can be found at the bottom of these insights and are shared with love.

If we can look at what really works for us, we are able to balance our own Masculine and Feminine and rediscover our true creative sacred space within.

This includes all relationships especially the one we have with ourselves!

Where is there room for improvement?

What needs, need rebalancing?

How are past assumptions guiding our own intuition?

There is a deeper wisdom available alongside a needed renewed sense of community over the next few weeks if, as a collective Soul, we can heal from the lessons of separation that have occurred and return “home”

This is a week of reparation, on all levels, in response to the needed preparation we are being asked to examine our own “P’s”

  • Patience
  • Pleasure
  • Persistence
  • Taking things Personally

Only then will we receive the peace we have all been praying

To accept or illuminate a deeper understanding of each other we need a collective humour.

This will bring the literal turning point available this week, for those in particular near the equator!

This is a victorious, metamorphic week with huge support from the red ray, the often feared, ignored or repressed more physical energy.

Bringing harmony to our root connections, if we can surrender to the Divine Feminine as a united version, or through the eyes of the master, and release the Ancestral defensive fear based, lacking need to lead we can and will celebrate “the war being over!”

If we find this week confusing, we are asked to look at what is in front of us, observe numerical/angelic messages but more importantly not to get confused by the numbers- be they finances, statistics, dates to connect to the deeper vibrational meaning behind the inner sight being gifted.

The vibrational map of our Souls own journey!

If we can sit with the shifts and find the beauty within them, we all will understand the true meaning of healing, the “beauty way”

Despite how it may feel this week is very balanced on an elemental basis it is down to us however to look at what may be infecting the expansive magic available.

May we all stand up  and be “counted” by ourselves, empowering others to do the same

In deepest munay



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