Daily guidance

“Decide what it is you want, write it down. Review it constantly and each day do something that moves you towards those goals “

Jack Canfield

It’s beautiful today

Having completed chores indoors, walked my wolfhound, performed my daily ceremonies I am taking a pause

Chilling in the garden



I have so much to do over the next few weeks, but for this moment I am breathing, being, trusting my own ability to create and deliver with divine timing

My own flow

Different for us all

Essential to find, to truly know our internal connection and wisdom

Ironically the very thing I am preparing to share on the 6.6 portal

The wisdom of the womb

The space where we all, regardless of gender, are held and create from

Being here, today I shuffled the Tarot

Aware of the collective energy building, I stepped back energetically and observed as I randomly ironically selected from behind the Ace of Wands

Tuning into the unknown image, eyes drawn to the grass, the heart expansion available in the green ray I asked for a message

Hearing “ask for what you want as you keep walking your path and be open to the many ways you can receive it” I turned over the King of Pentacles

Today allow your creativity to move you on

Grounded in the knowing each step, no matter how it seems, is one towards what you wanted

May we all reignite the connection to our Sacred Masculine by opening to receive him in all we do

In deepest munay



What steps are you taking towards what you want?


May be an image of book, flower and text

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