Daily Guidance

“The thing to do is to concentrate on the seer not on the seen not on the objects but on the light which reveals them”

Ramana Maharshi


This morning has been intense!

Walking what was, towards what is to come

I experienced that feeling…

You know

The “what have I done” emotion that comes when the ego realises we are moving forward

Over the last few days I have found several Sacred spaces to work from and as of the 13th of June my little world expands

It was time

Not just financially

But on all levels to see my own growth and aid others to do the same

To deliver potential

Mine and theirs

That’s the thing, when we share who we are we expand also

Within our own sovereignty

This can often, albeit subconsciously, stop or limit us from doing so

It can be difficult to want to be our best version especially with hidden gains

The egos way of protecting us from change

This morning I could see them and the version of myself that would continue to be carried forward if they remained

Shuffling the Tarot thinking about last years journey to the dark goddess course, knowing she, alongside so many others wanted to be delivered again this year, I randomly ironically selected from behind the Queen of Wands

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands , asked what I could see, my eyes were drawn to the Queen’s crown

Symbolic of the light codes gifted within the munayki seer ties, I knew what course was coming next as I turned over the Five of Pentacles

Today align your vision with that of source, be that god, your dreams, higher self

Remove yourself from the egoic restraints of restriction

You are safe to be who you have always been

May we all finally recognise we are held by Pachamama, and remember our needs are always met from the level we are ready to receive

In deepest Munay



Is it time to “stand and deliver?”


May be an image of text

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