Daily guidance

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”

William Arthur Ward

Never more so than in our own self discovery.

But like all wicks there comes a time, often resultant from burnout, that it must be replaced.

The last few days have been monumental for me.

With deep curiosity I have connected to Pachamama and journeyed to some incredible places, met wonderful Souls and seen more potential than I know what to do with

So this morning, it was no surprise, I tried to control this flow!

The Queen of Wands I am Astrologically raising her shadow energy and basically taking on more than her share of the collective collaboration occuring within my own Universe.

Pausing, breathing, and shuffling the Tarot, I felt there was enough going on, shifting, no more guidance was needed but to be in this, more Sovereign version of the Feminine Leo vibration.

Ironically as I randomly selected from behind the Queen of Wands!

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I felt immense Heyoka energy.

The Thunderbeings of the west that have been guiding me this week in particular.

Hearing the song “walking away” Visualising mysrlf unzipping from my skin as I shed my past self with deep grattitude, I wondered if I needed to do more.

Seeing my old body compost into the Earth I recieved “Curiosity killed the cat, move on”

The card was The Tower, underneath which sat The Eight of Cups

Today feel into the new inspirations coming through

Different more evolved, sustainable creativity that has come from the necessary changes we have and are all going through.

May we all hold the Divine light we are high for all to see, ourselves included with Curiosity of our new found worth

In deepest munay





May be an image of cat

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