Daily guidance

“We condem a sin before we have even tried it”

Henry S Haskin

This morning I have been bombarded

By thoughts



All determined to stop me moving forward

Whilst they have some element of validity, I recognise them for what they are.


The unknown, what if place.

The void of creation.

A space we can not truly enter without releasing all that permits entrance.

All our perceived judgements that keep us comfortable in knowing what has always happened.

Only then can we obtain the true energy waiting for us as creators.

This is the difference between “good” and “evil” knowing it is what we hold high as our own beliefs that emotionally charges any potential.

Today shuffling the Tarot, having gone through multiple mind, body, soul shifts in the space of a few minutes, I felt great grattitude for my connection with the Universe.

Selecting randomly from behind the Four of Wands, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Receiving “there is a Stillness within beyond any sin, go there” my heart expanded.

Emotions flowing with deep certainty that life is and can be light, easy, graceful, hopeful I asked for a message to pass on today.

To which I recieved “choose”

The card was the King of cups underneath which sat The Ace of Pentacles

Today recognise the Universe doesn’t decipher between right and wrong, all is energy.

Yourself included.

Decide how you want to navigate the potential being offered right now.

What beliefs will you be taking forward from the unbiased gifts you are being given

May we all regain the free will given, through our choice of perception and real-eyes it is from here we create our own Karma.

In deepest munay



What are you taking forward?


May be an image of text

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