Monday’s musings- 16th May 2022

This week’s energy ( video below) suggests we check in with where we are prior to delving into the collective experiences around us.

To recognise whilst we are part of this, we need to avoid becoming submerged  in the emotions of others.

The guidance is to keep it simple, light, relevant and avoid unnecessary defensiveness, trauma, work even, due to our own expectations of who we are and what we believe we must carry.

There is a growing Spiritual awareness around the importance of community, within this many “leader’s” hold a level of assumption, judgement and expectation on themselves and as a result, others.

This is not the role of the elder!

Something many are reluctant to step into for fear of not being “good enough”

We are being asked to look at the pedestal we may have put ourselves on and the foundation beneath it- is it emotional charged waters, at what cost, or wisdom that will carry us through these deep waters of the psyche.

What is the sting in our “tale” this week that will pop the metaphorical waters of the stories we have been telling ourselves.

We are being birthed from the deeper wisdom of the womb this week, all stages, within the one, from now until the 6.6 portal- The Queen is not the only Feminine that will celebrate their Sovereignty! ( As such I am providing a workshop in relation to this which can be found on my page

Now is a time of death and re-birth in regard to our own perception of ourselves.

With a large third eye cleansing and Major altar grounding occurring our own duties and responsibilities are about to become fine-tuned.

Can we free the emotions by recognising they are pure energy ( I do offer EFT sessions which can be found here:

I plan to run EFT workshops on my page also)

Inter-transpersonal conflict ( love working with Freud!) this week will arise for the emotional stress and charge it causes, like yesterdays storms we are being asked to look at how we are conducting ourselves.

This may cause emotional dissonance of who we are on a Soul level necessary to truly see our potential!

There are deep wounds standing in the way of accepting ourselves this week, that merely require awareness of the shadow rising from not doing so.

The energy is well and truly reversed, true Heyoka, Thunder being style- to see ourselves upside down and skewwhiff ,determine the “hanged” individuals we have become and recognise our “fall to Earth” for the Divine experience it is.


It is time to give ourselves permission to move forward beyond the illusion we can’t!

Only then will we feel “enough”

Spiritual maturity isn’t perfection but the acceptance of imperfection.

Our actions will call us out this week in regard to the whole, true sacred Union now available and our own view of the light, source and ourselves.

May we embrace everything from where we are at any given moment, see ourselves and each other through the eyes of Pachamama, the Great Mother and recognise our energy for what it is, our Soul’s potential to finally align to this, her, Divine vision.

In deepest munay



What are you ready to see?

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