Daily guidance

“Hoping drains your energy. Action creates energy.”

Robert Kiyosaki

I disagree

Which is my perrogative

A necessary line I am harshly being reminded of the last few weeks, in particular leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio

For me the depth and darkness that comes without hope

Believing this is not enough has evoked a large shift within my own inner wild!

Healing, Shedding, ending, birthing whatever you want to call it doesn’t always need a big song and dance.

It can and often is a quiet, withdrawn, Sacred process.

Avoided through actions.

Causing far more trauma than needed.

Many, I hope, will disagree, because we all create differently, at different times, and it is these contrasts that empower us to find what works on an individual basis.

To deliver our own vision.

Today mine has been quite surprising, yet also not.

Ideas, re emerging, that have been held by my inner child for safe keeping until I could grow up to meet them!

Shuffling the Tarot, having written a list to manifest, confident after decades of being a Midwife, how to navigate chaotic energies especially the current transition occuring, I randomly ironically selected from behind the Page of Swords.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, feeling such light, belief, and knowing I recieved “let your hope energise you”

The card was of course The Star, beneath which sat The Ten of Swords.

This weekend be open to recieve new ideas to old situations.

To balance how far you have come and where you now wish to go.

Are they different


Or is it you who has shifted to conceive them

May we finally release the past in grattitude of the future it has brought us back to.

In deepest munay



What action brings you hope?


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