Daily guidance

“Into the grey we follow like a thousand flickering stars and there in the sunlit hollow we lose and find what is ours”

Chris Anne Donnelly

What are you chasing

What does happiness look like to you.

Over the last week or more I have come face to face with my own desires.

Since Beltane actually

They aren’t new, but my own awareness has definitely come under the spotlight

How well I allow myself to recieve

Exactly what and how I chase

The impact this has on my own worth

Within the Tarot, sits a card.

The Queen of Wands.

The fiery, Feminine Leo.

A card Symbolic of my own Astrological energy.

Often depicted as rushing, headstrong, aggressive creatively I have never resonated with her.

With me.

At least not the version everyone else perceived

When I tune in to her vibration, there is a peace, a sense of worth, a knowing provided the stance remains open (she is the only Queen face on with her legs apart!), all that is for her, is, and will come.

There is no chasing.

Like the female lion, instead a Strength and pride in this grounded emotional intelligence of connection to her needs.

Shuffling the Tarot today, having had many blocks rose to be seen, aware of a deep platinum, grey energy cleansing my own ability to receive this energy I randomly selected from behind the Knight of Swords

Tuning into the unknown image, sat on my journal, knowing today’s realisations were a marked turning point in my own story I knew deep inside it was time to be there for myself and my own happiness as I turned over The Ten of Cups

Today go beyond the light and dark of your own desires, the separation and judgement.

To the grey area, the unknown, unassuming, unrestricted space of what if as their vibrations merge.

How does the potential, your potential, enotionally feel.

Open, surrender and recieve what has actually been chasing you!

Stop, pause, connect to what has always been yours, your own happiness

May we all be guided by this deeper rememberence within us.

In deepest munay



What makes you happy?


May be an image of 1 person and book

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