Monday’s musings 9th May 2022

It’s one thing to understand what is occurring, another to utilise without manipulating the energy available.

This week ( video below) it is time to cut out what is no longer relevant and be honest with ourselves.

We have a full “blood” moon in Scorpio and Mercury retrograde- with which we are as always gifted opportunities to decide how we take this information forward.

With emphasis on how we communicate, our truth, and our connection to our own authenticity and place here.

How can we ride the large tidal wave of Feminine emotions rising as a vessel to witnessing the masculine, the actions, the his-story and potential resurrection available.

How is this collectively and individually relevant ( look out for Geographical tectonic shifts)

How can we make this energy work for our own healing and awareness regarding the hidden shadow of desire and creation

By knowing our destiny always has been to hold space for the duality within us here we can observe:

What energy Is actually rising- look back to 2013

Draconian or Dragonian- what is the difference

How we view this present ( whether we admit it or not) vibrations within us.

The shadow is still dictating for many and will all the time it is hidden, ignored, feared or separated through our own egoic disbelief that we hold darkness and light within us.

This IS the journey!

Resurrection is possible for those able to see their own self-imposed purgatory and reasons they have put themselves there.

What do our shadows and light have in common?

They are all part of the lessons required to connect to our whole self or Soul

There is a large download or upload occurring but this will depend on the level we are grounded in our body, how well we “own” our emotions.

These will include shifts in our root, throat and higher heart chakra.

We are being supported by Atlantean, Lemurian, Mary Magdalene, white buffalo Calf woman, Christ. Kuan Yin, Pachamama and the dragons, the very blood or ley lines or guardians that run through the Earth to embrace our Salka, our wild undomesticated self-knowing that we have always been “good” enough.

The best way to navigate the energies this week:

Break it down

Don’t take on anything that isn’t ours

It is “safe” to be who we are now

Recognise our ability to ride the Kundalini life force occurring, rather than suppress, manipulate or control it from fear and doubt of this.

It isn’t too much- but a deep lesson in recognising just how much we have grown

Our reality is formed through our sight and communication of this, how we voice the Feminine.

We are being asked to reflect on this in all our relationships, with ourselves, each other and Pachamama.

The fires of creation will not be put out now, these sacred flames have been lit once and for all, since Beltane, within our own conscious awareness for us to carry forward for all, to be seen, ourselves included!

Now is a time of initiation into a surrendered, vulnerable peace, reflective practice and deeper understanding of our own emotional codes.

Which will only be found within the “Womb” of the mother within.

May we all grow in the love and wisdom of the choices we make.

In munay



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