Daily guidance

“Give the respect you want to recieve, embody the grace you hope to encounter and help others with no expectation whatsoever”

Cory Booker

I’m journeying with the Three of Pentacles Today

I spent my dreamtime offering advice regarding changes and the 13 moons to two very prominent spiritual leaders.

Following which, their ceiling began to leak as I suggested maybe this time some recognition of my role wouldn’t go amiss.

This isn’t like me

I don’t believe personally we own any inspiration or guidance

But last night it felt important this ayni or reciprocity was acknowledged by all thoseaided, a decision needed for all to move forward.

It was here the metaphorical ceiling placed upon the situation began to break.

Shuffling the Tarot, perplexed, knowing I was being asked to see things differently, I randomly selected from behind The Fool

Focusing on the butterfly in front of me around a tree, whilst last nights boundaries continued to burn all I heard were bees, birds, elementals, wind, leaves and the Earth beneath me.

Asking for a message I recieved “let her distract you now, follow her voice”

Turning over the Eight of Cups, underneath which sat The Lovers, I made the decision to embody the guidance recieved, starting with walking my dog to collect flint.

Today make a choice

Accept “her” advice as your truth and recieve what you need

Acknowledge those that have helped you reach this space of clarity

The “lack” cycle has and is shifting, if we can grieve all we have discovered and share this forward.

May we all recognise it is our ability to give thanks for all reflections that empowers our receptivity and in turn how we aid others.

Here’s to Divine Feminine creation

To all who have guided me this far from family, friends, teachers, guides, and scenarios with deepest respect and gratitude, thank you thank you thank you.

In deepest munay



What do you need to embody to move forward?


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