Daily guidance

“Love the Earth as you would love yourself”

John Denver

I’m only now sitting to reflect on the day.

Having spent it, in dirt, planting, digging, carrying flint, all I feel is peace.

Even in the soreness!

With everything.

Even my limitations!

I feel held.





It’s always been that way for me.

Pachamama, a good days graft alongside her as needed

My “work”

But of late I’m beginning to feel I may want this as a job also.

Actually I have applied for several apprenticeships within gardening!

I have no expectation

I will and always have followed guidance

Her wishes

This doesn’t mean I will stop all I offer currently but that perhaps those wishing to deliver are in different areas.

My purpose won’t change

Just the birthing environment

I trust this

Having worked in so many areas of life

I’m excited, ready, like the old fences and dead wood now being burnt and transformed as my own garden grows I am receiving many insights regarding choices.

Decisions, ways to bring what I do, my voice, myself into other landscapes.

So far it involves outside, counseling, manual work, healing, facilitating change and as always going where needed.

Shuffling the Tarot, finding myself singing to Ottis reading, that’s how strong my love is, as I selected from behind the Knight of Wands whilst an aeroplane flew over head I heard “whistle while you work”

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, looking at the wild garlic I have just planted, marveling at how it will keep returning, adding flavour I recieved “what does this for you”

The card was the Ace of Swords, underneath which sat The Ten of Cups.

Today know the greatest gift you can give the Earth is your love.

In all you do

All you are

That is the only “work” we have ever been asked to do.

The spice of life whose variety is only limited by ourselves.

May we all connect to our unique I-AM-ployment.

In munay



Are you ready to tend to your Soul’s garden?


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