Daily guidance

The holly and the ivy,

When they are both full grown,

Of all trees that are in the wood,

The holly bears the crown

Andrew Peterson

What do we really want

Where is that coming from

I have four weeks until I run a two day womb wisdom workshop, delving into the depths of creation.

As a result of delivering this I have gone through my own Gestation and almost daily re births!

All related to what is being carried within the creative centre, and whether they are now needed.

Journeying with the Pentacles this morning I found myself unsure which card I am on.

Aware of the to and fro from the Two, demanding I balance what I am given and what is my truth, I know I still need to acknowledge the Ace.

The gift I’m being asked to take forward.

My own path at present points to acceptance of my place here, authentic grounded awareness minus the traumatic need to juggle others perspectives as my own.

This has led to mamy inner child revelations this morning and as such it was no surprise to have this reflected in the Tarot.

Selecting ironically randomly, from behind the Six of cups, I heard the above song, the Christmas Carol of hope, as I visualised ivy.

Tuning further into the unknown image in my hands Surrounded by celebrations, the magicians belt around my own waist very tight, I recieved “what story have you bound yourself to”

The card was the Three of Cups, beneath which sat the Five of Pentacles.

Today we walk through the 5.5 portal

A day that adds to The Tower and Chariot

Great opportunity for change is now available

Provided our story and the fruits we carry forward are both fully grown and we connect to the crown of our own sovereignty

May we all recieve the hope we have given so many and celebrate the potential collective birth now occuring

In munay



What would you like to deliver?


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