Monday’s musings

Because the flame radiates love.

The flame heals.

The flame transmutes darkness.

The flame sustains divinity in matter.

The flame is divine life itself.

It wasn’t until looking for quotes about keeping the Sacred flame I realised the entirety of this week’s energy report ( see video below)

That is the biggest emphasis, to remove any opinion or expectation of what we are individually and collectively downloading this week in order to truly recognise its vast sacredness.

Our sacredness as keepers of the flame.

The flame of life within us all, sometimes screaming at others a gentle whisper is to be spoken and heard this week.

We are being gifted an opportunity to look at what we receive, how we manifest this calling, and the opportunity to return to our own Soul’s voice and tribe.

Can we see past our own desires for the collective rise they are

Will we embrace the Death and rebirth now available

It will take a remembrance of our story, beyond expectations and the reclaiming of our destiny alongside a necessary restoration of our own memory and divine identity.

Are we ready to embrace our own Soul, really.

This week will highlight any answers needed in regard to this.

It is time to be confident in who we are and our ability our vision of ourselves.

We are receiving the love we need in each moment to heal any trauma and separation from this awareness, the question is how we receive it and how this affects our perception of the sacred flame within us all.

Are we ready to admit what we desire as the true light it is, the growth of our Soul’s potential and step into who we agreed to be when we came here.

May we all reflect back the source of creation we are in all we do and share and keep the “home” fires burning for all our ancestors to see.

In deepest munay



What flame are you fanning?

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