Daily guidance

The World we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new World, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it”

Rosemary Fillmore

How are you post new Moon, eclipse, Beltane!

What a ride!

I had actually decided to journey with the Wands in the Tarot at the same time, finishing today on the Ten of Wands.

The whole “trip” was delightful, being a fire sign, it was full of creativity, strength I didn’t know I had and insights regarding desire, ambition, passion and power.

Just like the current lunar phase.

I grounded it with ease doing all things Taurean

Gardening, cooking, cleaning, loving and appreciating.

Until yesterday

With the eclipse, the shadow aspect that had been rising over the journey knocked me sideways.

Causing panic attacks, old wounds insecurities and deep seated karmic, Ancestral energies regarding finances and abundance.

An area that will be under review over the next few years.

It always has been, but for many this year will highlight how we reflect this into the collective.

I myself have returned to an old system, donation, and sharing of gifts.

It isn’t one that works for everyone

That’s perfect

We are all here to play the parts we have been asked to lead

But it is one that has come under attack my whole life, often by those with much trauma left regarding their own connection to Ayni


For which I am so grateful as this has allowed me to examine my own truths and wounds.

We all have them

My own issues are rising to be seen and this morning whilst hearing the song “tired of waiting” I felt just that, as yet again this vibration rose to be seen.

Visualising my own energy, going beyond the situation, to a temple, coming face to face with Isis I randomly ironically selected from behind the Three of Pentacles

Tuning into the unknown image, feeling emotional as I saw the elder of the Ten of Pentacles, in my mind, knowing there was so much to be shared, I visualised medieval rams hitting against doorways.

Walking away, carrying a lamp, Hermit style I front of me I asked for a message for the collective and recieved “you are the collective”

The card was the Ten of Cups, underneath which sat The Tower and Three of Cups

Today know if you want to birth a different world you must walk away from the old

Not share it

Revel in it

Build from it

But bring it down, not by banging on brick walls but creating something different.

In deepest munay I pray we all recognise our place in delivering the changes now asking to be born and connect to the energies needed to do so with ease and grace



What are you waiting for?



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