“Come what May and love it”

Joeseph B Wirthlin


Two days in and the emphasis appears to be on desires.

Not only ours but for the World we wish to create.

The Union of our own passions and those of others as signified with Beltane yesterday.

Many things have and will continue to shift as we aim to #dowhatwecameheretodo because 2022 has always been the year to #beyou

From our purpose, loves, wishes and how we commit to them we are going to have reflected the very things we are manifesting this year be it our health, relationships or home life and it is up to us to look at the many mirrors available right now.

To seek out the true beauty way

The healing path

The serpant of this Lovers year…. the wisdom from our own tree of life.

May for me seems to be booking up fast with all services now being on a donation basis alongside many Study days, the next being the Womb wisdom workshop, for which one space now remains.

To book this or any other offering please message me

“May” we all know the way

In deepes munay




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