Daily guidance

” There’s a sense of change in the air. You can see that people are starting to invest”

Jurg Oleas

The energy at present is on another level

For anyone willing to join it

Those, for whatever reason, not quite ready are to fee the discomfort of change


Waves of growth

Urging us to individually invest in the World we wish to see

Be it our health, relationships employment or homes

The year of choice is nearly midway and now asking us to face our desires

To have the courage to feed from the metaphorical temptation of deeper wisdom

Not only with the World around us, but ourselves and the impact of the decisions we make on our in-viroment

Self worth being the “core”

I’ve taken a few risks this week!

Financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually all from no longer wanting to take forward trauma, abuse, fear, grief into my life.

I refuse to eat any more “Rotten apples” or infect my own family tree

It’s been difficult, but not half as hard as the alternative.

Today shuffling the Tarot, surprised I had selected randomly from behind the Five of Cups, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands for this mornings collective message.

My crown and throat opening before I even held the card, the sun shining so brightly I couldn’t see, I closed my eyes and went deep within.

Hearing the song walk on, in my mind, my energy expanding, ears ringing, I became the download accepted by my own surroundings.

My vibration of excitement, contagious as the birds sang louder the sum shone brighter, almost in response.

Feeling my guides and Ancestors, acknowledge the growth occuring for us all at present, I recieved with great joy ” we’ve got you, keep going”

The card was The Heirophant, underneath which sat The Sun

Today push past your own limits, gently, and prepare to embrace a love so expansive you remember why it was worth the investment!

May we all open to the guidance of the light waiting to carry us forward now.

The time has come

In deepest munay



What will you invest yourself in this weekend?


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