Daily guidance

“To be human is to be wounded”

Ravynne Phelan

I’ve found a nice solid routine, with a few tweaks by 9am I can balance home, health, animal care and my own energy ready for whatever will be created.

Today, ironically it just feels like even more energy!

No matter what I try to do, to transmute it, move with it or sit and observe, the vibration is intense.

The more it increases the more taught I am becoming

Not because I can’t hold space

Not because it is too much

But because of all I have been taught about this energy and the stories that remain in my body.







The Divine

Leading up to Beltane this is going to increase.

With a second new Moon

Eclipse season

Much is rising to be healed regarding how and why WE as vessels hold this and ourselves back

It will be different for us all at different times, but being a “hollow bone” is about to take on a whole other level!

This morning the block is in my root chakra regarding arousal

My own attempt to be present with awareness has engulfed me in energetic flames, all I can now do is almost detach, an old reaction I am currently seeking professional help with

In this space, shuffling the Tarot, hearing “are you excitable” from Deff Leopard, I selected the card that flew out from behind Destiny.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, feeling immense kundalini energy rising from the belly of Pachamama into my body and hands I heard “bring this up to your heart don’t bury it”

The card was the Three of Pentacles, underneath which sat Healing.

Over the next few days, let go of the control.

Connect your mind, body and soul.

It will feel too much, its transition, seek help if needed.

Nurture your passion, find pleasure and allow the source of any, possibly Ancestral, dis-ease be released from the Earth through you.

Maintain the intimacy and connection of your own committed realistic grounded options and needs.

Become the keeper of your own flame

We are supported more than we have ever been or rather we are more aware of what has always been there.

The love of Pachamama

May we all allow her to embrace us back into to her womb space and finally stop her oppression by reconnecting to this Sacred Union of creation within us

In deepest munay I pray all wounds ready to be healed through acceptance be done so with the necessary unconditional love of the Great Mother.



Are you ready to embrace your destiny?


May be an image of 1 person and flower

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