Monday’s musings

This week ( video below) we are being drawn out of our own skins, delivering ourselves by creating with the wisdom of the shadow.

The true beauty way of Amaru, Great mother serpent of the collective emotional waters and the very snake in the grass of this year’s lover’s vibration.

Can we become our own wisdom

Mind our own busy-ness and hold the space of the sacred witness, of ourselves, on a “whole” other level.

“Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” leading up to the new moon eclipse in Beltane and we will have highlighted our own blocks to listening to the collective soul transition now occurring.

There is a greater sense of community being delivered but the next six weeks will call to light any poverty consciousness we may be holding onto in regard to right relations.


Flow and reciprocity.

Only by observing what is occurring beyond our own stories, trauma and beliefs can we truly ensure what is needed for our own unique growth.

Humility is key for all on our path.

The metaphorical door is open, what is required is available, it is up to us to decide what that is by truly listening to the impact our actions, logic and mental spirit has upon us and our ability to create with Source.

Focus is key, through our body, what is actually inspiring us, not the outcome, by products but Soul growth being offered.

It is time to look at how we portray our needs and call them for what they are- soul potential, Divine creation or LACK

By holding space and nurturing our creations, our own light, we will see how we mirror the mother archetype, Pachamama and our connection to the United- verse.

What songs will we sing at Beltane for our future generations, it is time to decide.

To openly receive “her” voice now,  as we are finally taken back into arms and womb of the evolved Feminine.

In deepest munay



What is holding you back?

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